If you forgot your password, click on Login / Register, then "Forgot password" and enter the email address you used when setting up your account.  Our system will automatically email you your password.  If you do not receive your password email or you do not remember the email you used for your online account, please contact customer support for assistance.

In most cases the answer is no. Typically, once an order is placed it immediately goes into production.  If you found a mistake on your mail piece after you placed an order, contact us and if possible we will try and stop your order.

Most orders are printed an mailed the next business day providing the order is placed online before our cutoff time. In 30 years, we very rarely encounter an unforeseen circumstance where this commitment cannot be met. If for some reason your order doesn't get mailed on time we will let you know and work out a solution.


All orders are mailed from our production facility in Orange County, California.

Once your order leaves our production facility, they are in the hands of the US Postal Service and we can not control the delivery. The USPS does not notify us of any delivery delays, lost mail pieces or any other delivery challenges. 

Standard Mail:  4-14 business days - NO minimums
First Class Mail:  2-5 business days - NO minimums
EDDM-BB/Saturation (Standard Mail): 4-14 business days
Non-Profit:  4-14 business days (Contact Us to Order)

Not at this time.  We currently only mail in the United States.

Your recipient information will print in the order below based on the data in your mailing list.  Current Occupant will only be added if you make that selection at checkout or if there is no name or company.

Current Occupant or
Full Name
Company Name
City, State, Zip



The first and last name may either be in seperate fields or the same field (i.e. first name in column A, last name in column B, or first and last name in a single column).  If you have a company in your list it must be in a single field.  

All parts of the Address must be placed in separate columns of an Excel Spreadsheet . This means your City, State, and Zip all have to be in separate columns. Download a sample template from the design templates page.  If you ave questions feel to email us.

Every contact on your mailing list MUST include an address, city, state and zip code.  If you are using list with no individual or company name you must select the "Current Occupant" option when you checkout or your mail may not get delivered.

After you login, go to My Mailing Lists.  Click on the upload link, select your file and map the headers.  It's quick and easy.

Full Name:  40 Characters

Company:  40 Characters

Address 1, Address 2:  40 Characters

City, State Zip:  40 Characters


When designing your own artwork, you will need to make sure that all pertinent information (usually text and logos) are at least 1/4 inch away from the cut lines of the card. This is called the Safe Zone and will ensure that none of your important information will be lost during the cutting process.

YES!  Most clients will use thir own artwork as it's much easier to do your creative in a program such at InDesign, Quark Express or other page layout programs.  We don't accept file formats in page layout programs so once your design is completed it's best to save it as a PDF file or 300dpi jpg.  When ordering your file will be iploaded as a BACKGROUND image.  

A background image is set to fill the entire front/ back of your card. When you upload your art it will be loaded as a background image in our online design studio.  You can add text such as a return address on top of your art if required.  

A background image is not required. You may only have one image that is considered a background on each the front/ back of the card. You can upload a background image when you receive the "add a background image" prompt at the beginning of the card making process. You can also add a background image by using the "edit background" button located on the right side of the design tool. Our website will only accept valid PDF or JPEG images. If you need assistance converting to a PDF or JPEG image, please contact us for assistance. Images cannot exceed 10MB in size.

No.  We don't offer variable data field selection with online orders.  We print and mail many variable data orders but they are processed offline. If you need variable data printing project contact customer service for more information.